BioBag Canada

Biobased carbon content: 



Bags and films, including kitchen bags, lawn and leaf bags, pet products, toilet system bags, shopping bags and several kinds of film.


BioBags are made from Mater-Bi, a material derived from renewable raw materials of agricultural origin including non-genetically modified maize starch, vegetable oils and oils from flowers. The corn used is sourced from countries that do not allow GMO testing. BioBag reports that no polyethylene or decomposition enhancing chemical additives are used. According to BioBag, Mater-Bi is completely biodegradable in municipal or commercial composting facilities, soil, fresh and salt water and will biodegrade in 10-45 days depending on the composting method. Mater-Bi is certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute to meet ASTM 6400 specification.

Biobased material source location: 

Primarily France and Italy.

Product manufacturing facility location: 

The raw materials are made in Terni, Italy, and the finished products are made in Norway and Belgium. BioBag will have a US production plant this year.


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