Biosphere Industries

Biobased carbon content: 

100% (tested by: Center for Industrial Research and Service at Iowa State University, report)


Large commercial volumes of broad-spectrum rigid primary packaging materials (PPM100) including food packaging such as bakeware and pizza trays and non-food packaging such as cell phone packaging and battery packs as well as custom made products.


PPM100 is made out of renewable resources such as starches, primarily tapioca starch, and grass fibers. The company reports that no tree products, wax coatings, harsh chemicals or plastic products are used. PPM100 reportedly biodegrades 100% in less than 10 days in a commercial compost facility. The company claims that PPM100 can be home composted, is garbage disposal safe and can be diverted to the paper recycling stream if a particular location does not have composting. PPM100 has been certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute as well as DIN CERTCO (certifies accreditation according to the European Standard DIN EN13432).

Biobased material source location: 

Several foreign and domestic suppliers. Biosphere Industries is working towards establishing the production of their primary raw material close to the final factory location.

Product manufacturing facility location: 

Biosphere Industries has a US production line in Carpinteria, CA. They plan to expand into the mid-west when demand requires it.


Elie Helou, Jr.
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