European Bioplastics

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European Bioplastics e.V. Marienstr. 19-20 D- 10117 Berlin (Mitte) Germany


The European association representing industrial manufacturers, processors and users of bioplastics and biodegradable polymers (BDP) and their derivative products.


The Association supports and promotes the market introduction of bioplastics. It seeks dialogue with all interest groups and government bodies involved. It provides expert advice and assistance to its members.


Provides all relevant sectors of the economy with expert information regarding bioplastic applications, undertakes press and public relations activities, organizes events, represents bioplastics during the drafting of legislative measures and technical regulations, initiates promotional measures and establishes quality assurance and product labeling certification infrastructure. The European compostability mark "seedling" is based on EN 13432, a harmonized European standard (see DIN CERTCO and AIB Vincotte are two of the accredited institutes providing such certification.