Heeral Bhalala Presents at Biobased Chemicals East Conference 2010

Heeral Bhalala is expected to speak on Packaging Applications at the End-Markets & Applications for Bio-Based Products Symposium on Monday, September 13, at 2pm.

Title: Guiding the Food Service Ware Market Towards Sustainability

Abstract: There are a growing number of biobased food service ware products now on the market. This presentation will discuss criteria for environmentally preferable biobased products. Biobased does not automatically equate to sustainable. The Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative (SBC) has introduced Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Specifications for Biobased Compostable Food Service Ware (aka the “BioSpecs”), which outline sustainability criteria and three recognition levels – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – for food service products made from compostable biobased materials. They provide a framework that enables manufacturers and buyers to assess product sustainability during three stages of their life cycle: (1) biomass production, (2) manufacturing, and (3) end of product life. Criteria include the percent biobased content, use of GMO feedstocks, presence of toxic chemicals, compostability, and more. This presentation will give an overview of these sustainability criteria and recognition levels. Products meeting these qualities can avoid the stigma of “greenwashing” and be better positioned in this emerging marketplace.

For more information on the conference, visit: http://www.infocastinc.com/index.php/conference/biobasedeast